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Creating A Life Of Food And Body Freedom Starts Here.

Hello Beautiful,


I’m Eugenia, the founder of MindFoodNess and Body Love Yoga NZ. I know how overwhelming and tiring the fight with food and your body can be.


You may feel like you have tried all the diets that exist, exercising, reading books, watching motivational videos and following people you admire on social media, yet you’re still not getting the results you want.


You’ve got the feeling that if your body only looked differently and you didn’t feel so out of control with food, you would be confident, attractive and happy – but with all the advice out there… you don’t know where to start or how to stay motivated.


I’d love to help you to create an easy and loving relationship with food, your body and yourself. I’d LOVE to support you to see your uniqueness to feel liberated from “not enough” to end yo-yo dieting, gain control over your food obsession and weight issues so that you can stop starving your body and start feeding your spirit.


Our private membership is currently open for enrolment and as you’ve landed here, my guess is that you want to find out more 🙂 so all the information you need is below.


I’ve devoted my life helping people all over the world to stop fighting food and their body to create a meaningful life fueled with purpose, love, happiness and fun.


No more struggling trying to figure it all out by yourself, come and join us and let’s make this your most beautiful year yet.


What is the Members’ Club?


It’s a community of women who want to stop allowing their relationship with food and their body ruling their life and are ready to create an empowered life guided by compassion, freedom, growth and fun.


Think about it as your one-stop shop for connection, inspiration, coaching and online trainings to help you turn YOUR life vision into reality. It’s a place to support you to fully transform  your eating, weight, movement and body image. You will move from struggle, overwhelm, inner battle and obsession to freedom, motivation and joy…


… (without needing to scour the whole internet for the next right step or spend thousands on multiple different courses).



My vision is to see you free yourself from all the fears around food and body, stop yo-yo dieting and all the other crazy around food. Girl – It’s time to finally go off and do all the things you have been putting off for way too long. – Eugenia


May Coaching Call


April Coaching call will be held on 05th May
Start of the call: 7pm



How to Develop Healthy Eating Habits Naturally and Easily

Group Coaching - Free yourself from food and body image worries

Here’s what will happen with you join



We’ll help you create your life success plan

No more going in circles – we’re going to help you get complete clarity around what you need to do in order to create a life you desire for yourself.  We’ll start will getting clear on:


» What you desire for yourself and what your ideal life looks like – without food obsession and body image issues
» What your dreams are to reignite your mojo for life
» Who you are and the unique gifts you bring to this world.
» How you’re going to let go of the old stories and toxic messages that keep you anchored down and make you unconsciously hating your body
» How you’re going to create new habits and routines to transform your eating, body image, movement and ultimately your life.



We’ll teach you the skills and give tangible advice

We’ll teach you step-by-step “how-tos” to see results through our monthly live coaching calls and a library of previous training. No more feeling stuck. You will build a toolkit of ongoing strategies of psychology based unique mind and body approach to end yo-yo dieting, transform your life and put you back in control of your body, health, and eating habits.



We’ll help you implement what you learn

We’ll help you implement everything you learn through live, online workshops and Q&As, downloads, workbooks and more. You will learn You won’t be doing it alone. You will learn practical and evidence psychology and mindfulness-based tools to rewire your brain for long term transformation from inside out.



We’ll provide personalised help

Support on tap 24/7. Have a burning question, would like to share your progress to celebrate with each other or get some support in tough moments, we’re all here to help you. Our members’ coach and me (Eugenia) are always here to hold your hand as we are travelling through this journey together.

Monthly Live-Coaching with Eugenia and amazing community of women like you.


Start feeding your mind, Stop starving your body!

Join our Community for just



1 – 1.5 hour online Coaching Session with Eugenia


All previous trainings


Monthly Session Outline PDF
(24 hours prior to coaching)


Monthly Monthly Focus Deep Dive PDF
(48 hours post coaching)


Learn & Grow with the exclusive life coaching inner circle!

Yes, I want Freedom


Have a question? View our most commonly asked questions below.

What is Live Coaching and how does it work?

Once a month Eugenia will go live for one to one-and-a-half-hour session to coach you on the topic of the month. You will join like-minded members of our Food and Body Freedom Inner Circle Community for a live coaching session (You will be granted access to an online conference platform). Each month we’ll dig deeper into things like: how to change the way you eat, how to adopt a positive mindset or how to create healthy habits, how to create a positive body image. Learn tangible advice from a real person who’s done the real hard work! Basically, you will get personal support from Eugenia to get further and faster from where you are right now to where you want to be.

What will I get with monthly coaching?

Live 1-1.5 hour online coaching session with Eugenia. A monthly session with outline PDF available 24 hours prior to coaching. A monthly deep dive and focus PDF available 48 hours after live coaching. The opportunity to learn and grow with the exclusive Food Freedom Inner Circle community.

What should I expect upon signing up?

This is where the fun begins! You will receive a welcome email from Eugenia including username and password to enter the Food Freedom Inner Circle Community. Eugenia will be in touch with you to give you further details about the upcoming call. For further questions please message Eugenia

What If I can't attend a live class?

Not a problem! All of our live calls will be recorded and uploaded to your membership page to view in your own time.

Are the classes always on the same day and at the same time?

You will receive an email each month to let you know what time class will begin and any other resources you might need to get started.

Billing questions?

Once you have registered and selected to pay for it via monthly installments (subscription model), you will be charged the first payment immediately. This payment begins the monthly charge cycle straight away and will automatically charge you on that same date the next month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If for any reason you need to cancel or make changes to your subscription service send a request in writing to