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Nutrition Course To Stop Food Cravings

Self-Study Nutrition Program – Overcome Binge Eating And Overeating Urges


Easy to follow Nutrition Framework specifically for everyone who struggles with binge eating, food cravings and worries around food. An easy to implement framework that tells you exactly WHAT | WHEN | HOW | WHY to eat to stop the crazy binge and restrict cycle that leaves you feeling shame and guilt.  Most importantly you will never need to feel deprived, hungry or like you are missing out again.

Get in control of your food cravings, overeating and binge eating

Solve the Overeating Puzzle: Discover What Drives Your Overeating and Binge Eating


9-week online group coaching program to finally free yourself from the endless cycle of overeating, self-sabotage, shame and guilt. Personal coaching from Eugenia in a small group of like-minded women to address personal and unique challenges and create an individual plan to heal your relationship with food and enjoy food in a more flexible and enjoyable way. Discover what’s really driving your overeating and binge eating. Address the root cause of your problem and heal from the inside out.

Food Freedom Formula

Beat Overeating, Binge Eating, Emotional Eating


6 week online program to overcome binge eating and emotional eating. 6 live calls with Eugenia to free yourself from food obsession, food cravings overeating and binge eating. Follow simple steps to manage stress instead of using food for comfort.