get to the heart of food cravings

In this 90-minute online event, Eugenia shares everything you need to know about food cravings, how to understand food cravings, unpacking what they mean and what we can do to feel in control around food.


Live Thursday 22 October 2020
5pm AEDT / 7pm NZT / 6am GMT


$29.95  Only 19.95


Getting to the heart of your food cravings!


Are you ready to dive deeper into food cravings, how our brain responds to food and how to change your habitual eating patterns to stop the endless worries around food.

If you’ve ever felt like you are addicted to food and food controls your life, then this seminar is for you!


Most people know how to eat healthy but they find it hard to stick to it. It seems like the harder they try the more they find themselves constantly thinking and worrying about food, feeling hungry and unsatisfied, planning their next meal while eating, kind of feeling confused about food in general. This is tiring!


Maybe once you start eating, you can’t stop and it’s affecting your weight, health and mental well-being. You feel like something is wrong with you and feel ashamed of how you act around food. You try to do everything you know and start off well, but keep going back to the old habits and can’t seem to break those patterns.


Join Eugenia for this LIVE  90 minutes training to get to the heart of food ravings.

Eugenia Nikiforow

Live Thursday 22 October 2020
5pm AEDT / 7pm NZT / 6am GMT

$29.95  Only 19.95



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Come and expect to learn:


  • Understand how the brain responds to food and why you feel addicted to food
  • Reasons for food cravings from a biological and psychological perspective
  • Why the way you eat might be creating food cravings without you even knowing
  • Eugenia’s Balanced Diet Framework to reduce or even eliminate debilitating food cravings and constant thoughts around food
  • What | when | how much | how often to eat so food is no longer the main focus of your life
  • Understand exactly what to do to reduce overeating and binge eating urges
  • How to make healthy eating come easily and naturally to you


You will get:

  • 60 minutes of jaw-dropping insights on food cravings from Eugenia
  • 30 minutes of live audience Q&A with Eugenia
  • Access to rewatch the online event



  • All resources mentioned in the seminar will be sent out after the seminar
  • Nourishment plan that can be sent to Eugenia to review your eating for personalized feedback
  • Eugenia’s Recipes e-book with main meals, breads, deserts, salads, snacks, etc.

Live Thursday 22 October 2020


5pm AEDT / 7pm NZT / 6am GMT


$29.95  Only 19.95


About Eugenia:


Eugenia specializing in Eating psychology, in particular, emotional eating, binge eating overeating and disordered eating.


Her unique background in psychology, holistic nutrition, mindfulness, coaching and NLP allows her to combine powerful tools to give people unique treatment which can resolve the root cause of issues around food for good.


Eugenia also suffered from an eating disorder herself, including dieting, binge eating, emotional eating and poor body image over 10 years. Since her recovery she she has been helping hundreds of people creating life fuelled by freedom instead of food obsession and wieght issues. You can read her full story HERE

Eugenia Nikiforow, Binge Eating and Emotional Eating specialist