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9 Hidden Reasons for Binge Eating and Overeating During Covid 19 Lockdown


Feel in control around stocked up food during and after the Corona Virus lockdown and end the cycle of eating secretly, feeling guilty and ashamed.


Reveal the hidden reasons why you can’t stop thinking about food and find out what you can do to feel normal around food again.

covid lockdown binge eating

With this Guide you will …


🥑 Uncover what is driving your overeating and food cravings during Corona Virus Lockdown.

🥑 Beat Binge Eating with immediately actionable tips.

🥑 Feeling in control with stocked up food without giving up eating food you love during

🥑 Create a healthy relationship with food even during stressful times.

🥑 Be one step closer to your optimum weight without yo yo dieting.

🥑 Address the root cause of why you feel addicted to food to heal from inside out.

🥑 Eat flexibly without restrictions and restrictive food rules.

One of the reasons you overeat during Covid 19 lockdown


Covid-19 lockdown may affect your stress levels, your behaviours, and even how you cope with uncertain times. When we encounter a stressor, we seek out activities we trust. The lockdown has a two-fold impact on stress. Not only is it a source of stress but it also blocks our access to our usual social support systems leaving us less resourced to cope. Stress hormones are released, activating intense visceral sensations as blood moves to the muscles.


Our heart rate and blood pressure rise. We feel anxious, fearful, restless and tense. Our frontal lobes go offline; we struggle to think

creatively or plan effectively. Our behaviour can become frantic and disorganised. 


In trying to cope with these feelings in lockdown, habits such as smoking, substance use and binge eating may creep in. You may find yourself eating until you feel great discomfort or reaching for another glass of wine despite saying that was going to be your last. These behaviours offer short term relief from intense physical sensations and emotions however can have more complicated long term psychological and

physical impacts.


Those who suffer binge eating are often in a cycle of binge eating followed by restrictive eating the next day, another fad diet, fear of food and fear of weight gain. This exacerbates the so called binge and restrict eating cycle and leaves the individual feeling alone, anxious or even depressed.


With this guide you will not only learn how to manage when stress triggers your overeating, but also 8 other reasons why you can’t stop thinking about food. With practical tools you can apply immediately, will STOP overeating and binge eating so you can stop thinking about food all the time and can focus on other things that will bring you more joy, instead of guilt and shame.

Well, who am I?

I am very passionate about helping women like you to find the hidden reasons for emotional eating and binge eating so that they can finally lose weight but not by going on another diet, but through healing their relationship with food, body and themselves.


My work has been featured in print media like NEXT,, Good Healthy Choices and Now To Love and I have been interviewed for Radio Live where I was talking about binge eating and other food related problems.


My passion comes from my own experience of many years of eating disorders, dieting, emotional eating and body hatred. I’m now on a mission to empower others to end their battle with their body, food and ultimately themselves by addressing the underlying cause of their pain.


If you would like to read my story of eating disorder, dieting and the freedom I am now now experiencing since my recovery, read it HERE.


xx Eugenia