Healthy Vegan Pancakes

Easy Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes Recipe

I have been wanting to share more recipes with you for a while, but just haven't got around it. Luckily, a dear and very close friend of mine Emma Jessop is a foodie and a great cook. When I saw her recipes and food pictures, I couldn't resist to ask if I could share it on my page. So, here we go. Everyone please thank Emma for this amazing Easy Healthy Vegan Protein Pancakes Recipe....

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Eating Healthy- What to eat, how much to eat and stick to diet plans

Eating Healthy: What To Eat, How Much To Eat and Stick To a Healthy Diet

Eating Healthy can be very confusing and feel like hard work. In fact, often I hear clients telling me how overwhelming it can be. There are so many rules, diets and people out there who promote different ideas about what eating healthy could mean and they all seem to make sense in one way or the other....

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How to stop binge eating and craving food when stressed and overwhelmed?

Do you tend to binge eat and crave food when stressed and overwhelmed? Binge eating and emotional eating is not to take lightly. We all crave food from time to time and even find ourselves overeat on rare occasion, and it is ok. But when it starts affecting our life, our health, our weight and our emotional state, then it is time to look into deeper. ...

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