Beat Binge Eating, Emotional Eating and Gain Control Over Food Cravings
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Saturday: 8th June

Time: 10am – 1pm

In this 3 hour transformational, interactive and intensive workshop, we will help you to understand the reasons why you can’t stop eating, what triggers overeating and binge eating and also teach you powerful tools to overcome uncontrollable food cravings.


I want you to finally end the endless cycle of overeating and shame so that you can feel in control of eating and stop obsessing over food.


After seeing amazing results during our online program helping people beating binge eating – we are now offering an interactive in-person workshop.


We are combining interventions from nutrition, psychology, and brain science to treat underlying eating issues.


This workshop is for everyone who can resonate with this:


➡ I can’t seem to break the addiction to food… I crave food all the time!
➡ I don’t know what’s wrong with me and I feel ashamed of how I act around food.
➡ I am so tired of obsessing over food and my body all the time, but I am just scared I will never lose weight and have the body I want.
➡ I feel I can’t have just one piece of chocolate … I have to have the whole package.
➡ If I’m honest with myself… I like eating whatever I want. Cookies and cakes and chips are delicious. But I hate the way I feel about myself afterward.
➡ I have tried it all – working out, dieting, nutritionists, reading books and listening to YouTube Videos and podcasts. But nothing is working.


During this workshop:


🥑 We will discuss the underlying reasons for overeating and binge eating
🥑 We will identify the personal triggers and make a plan on how to reduce them.
🥑 YTalk about the brain science behind overeating and why it’s all about hormones instead of your will-power
🥑 We will apply psychology based tools to stop craving food
🥑 Direct intervention from Eugenia with volunteers from the audience


After this workshop you will:


👉 Understand the root cause of your eating problems to make long-lasting changes to be at your body’s healthy weight.
👉 Have a powerful toolbox to apply to eliminate food cravings and binge eating triggers.
👉 Have workbooks and print outs that we will work on during the workshop.


Saturday: 8th June
Time: 10am – 1pm
Cost: $60


You will get:
– Snacks and beverages
– Print outs and workbooks
– Personal Intervention from Eugenia (volunteers)


For direct payments or any other inquiries, please contact Eugenia

About Eugenia:


Eugenia specializing in Eating psychology, in particular, emotional eating, binge eating overeating and disordered eating.


Her unique background in psychology, holistic nutrition, mindfulness, coaching and NLP allows her to combine powerful tools to give people unique treatment which can resolve the root cause of issues around food for good.


Eugenia also suffered from an eating dieating disorder herself ofor over 10 years and is now helping other people doing the same.
You can read her full story HERE

Eugenia Nikiforow, Binge Eating and Emotional Eating specialist